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This website is devoted to fishing in the Irish Republic, mainly in the Midlands. I have been coming over to

Ireland for over forty years but it is only in the last few years I've been fishing in the lakes and canals in the

 Longford area.

I was first introduced to the Royal Canal around Longford by my good friend and author of "The complete guide to fisheries in the Irish Midlands", Bernie Murphy.

He has shown me several places which have greatly improved my enjoyment of angling in Ireland.  I have also fished lakes in the Roscommon area.

My favorite coarse fish must be Tench and Rudd, although large Roach and Perch are very welcome.

I have recently started fishing for Pike as well.

Click on the links above for details of the fisheries.

More details on the "Hotspots" on the Royal Canal" , the River Suck and its lakes, together with exact directions on how to get to them, will be in Bernie's Book 4.