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Ireland 2012


We based ourselves in this cottage 1.5 miles outside Ballymahon.

This was our last trip over to Ireland for 2012. The weather for the most part was cold and wet, although we did have a couple of warm sunny days.

Because of the time of the year, the last week in September, we did not expect to catch lots of fish, which proved to be the case.

My largest roach was 1/2 lb, whilst Stephen and Michael each caught a 5lb pike. 

Stephen's 5lb Royal Canal pike

Michael's 5lb pike

John with a 1/2 lb roach

Well folks, that's all for this year. If I'm still around in the Spring of next year, I'll try to put some more reports up.


For my August trip to Ireland I based myself at Skelly's Bar, Ballymahon. Incidentally, this is the second time I've stayed at this friendly family run business. I would recommend this hotel to anyone wanting a pleasant stay with good food and spotlessly clean rooms. Click on the link above to see their website.

Back to fishing. The weather was warm and sunny for my two weeks stay apart from one day when it was raining all the time with gale force winds.

I fished the Royal canal around Ballymahon. Below are a few photos of some of the fish I caught.

A roach that was grabbed by a pike as I was landing it

A few decent roach

17 roach

A nice fish

A perch that, to my surprise, fell to sweetcorn

A nice Royal Canal tench

Three nice tench

I will be back in Ireland for the last week in September.



I was back in Ireland on May 12th for two weeks with my sons Stephen and Michael. We based ourselves in a thatched cottage in Roscommon.

The weather for the first week was again cold and windy. However, we did manage to catch our share of fish.

The second week was totally different with wall-to-wall sun and soaring temperatures. Below are a few photos of the fish we caught.

A nice roach for Stephen at Foigha harbour

A couple more roach from Foigha harbour 

Two nice tench from the Royal Canal

Eight tench for Michael on a cold day at Longford bridge

A nice tench for Stephen on the same day

Four tench for Stephen

Nine tench for Michael

Seven tench for the "Tenchman", Longford bridge

A nice Brannigan's tench

Four more Brannigan's tench

A Brannigan's pike for Stephen

A selection of fish from Lough Loung

A windswept John at Lough Loung

This Pike for Michael from Brannigan's


The above are just a selection of the fish we caught under difficult conditions. Hopefully we will be back in August to try and catch some more!



This month must have been one of the coldest,wettest, and most windy on record with icy gales blowing in from the North.

I met a nice English gentleman by the name of Dennis Kelehar who was staying in the room next to mine at Skelly's pub in Ballymahon.

Fishing wasn't easy, although we did catch a few. Finding somewhere to fish out of the gales was as big a challenge as catching fish.

Below are a few photos of the fish we caught.



Den with a few roach from the Royal Canal

Den and me with a couple of Royal Canal Tench

A nice Roach from the River Suck

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