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Once again we stayed at the same house that we hired in May.

This is a nice house in an ideal location for us. The weather for the first three days was brilliant. Apart from one day when we had torrential rain and wind all day, we must have chosen the best eleven days of this "Summer".

   Wind was a problem on some days but we managed to find a few sheltered spots. On the whole, the fishing was quite good with some nice Roach, Rudd and Perch. No Tench for the Tenchman this time, but a pike for Stephen. 

We did see a very large perch in the canal and it's the first time I've seen a perch trying to attack the roach in the keep net!

Below are a few of the fish that we caught

Once again, Eugene and Rose invited us over to their house a couple of times for a meal. Two most enjoyable evenings with excellent food and musical entertainment provided by all the family members.

Well, that's it until the Spring of next year





For our first trip of 2017 Stephen and I stayed at this four bedroom cottage near Ballymahon. The cottage is owned by a charming couple from Dublin. It was a most enjoyable place to stay.

The weather for the first five days was hot and sunny and the weed on the canal was very thick. However, we tried a few places and managed to catch our fair share of fish. We weren't expecting to catch any tench but the 8 tench I caught were all caught between 12pm  and 3pm.The smallest was just over 2.5lb and the largest just over 3.75lb. Below are a few fish we caught.


Whilst we were over, we met up with some friends, Eugene and Rose Higgins and their daughter. They invited us down for a barbecue at their house. What an excellent evening! They even made a "belated" birthday cake for my 74th birthday!

Their daughter, Andrea, piped two plates, Happy 74th birthday and "Team Wilson". Andrea then showed her skills on the accordion. A most enjoyable evening.

Well, that's it until September.