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For our first trip of 2016  I travelled over with my Son Stephen. We stayed at the thatched cottage again in Roscommon. We've stayed at this old cottage before. It's 150 years old but very modern inside. We arrived here on May 1st.

The weather wasn't as bad as last year but it was very changeable. One day it was 9deg C the next day it was 20deg C.

The wind was the main problem again. Needless to say, we didn't catch as many fish as we would have liked but we enjoyed the holiday.

No tench, no pike.

Below are a few photos of some of the fish we caught.


A Royal Canal  Roach for Stephen

A small rudd

A nice roach for a windswept John

Stephen at the beautiful Cloonahee lake

I will be going back to Ireland in July to meet up with Dave Stanley. Hoping for some nice weather and even better fish!


For my second trip of the year I stayed at the Silver Eel near Strokestown. This is a nice hotel that overlooks Grange Lake.  I met up with Dave Stanley, his son Dan and their friend Philip Kampen. They are a great bunch of lads.

We were hoping for some reasonable weather but never expected a heatwave with temperatures around 30 deg. C.

It was really too hot to fish but we persevered!

Needless to say, we didn't have massive catches of fish but it was good fun.


A view of the Silver Eel from the marina

A view of the lake from my balcony

A few perch, roach and a tench for John

A nice roach for Phil

Black Lake

A floral boat at Longford Bridge

Well, that's it until early September when I'll be going back over with my son Stephen


For our last trip of 2016, Stephen and I stayed at this house again in Strokestown.

The weather for the most part was warm and dry. We had one day with torrential rain and one day with gale force winds.

We fished Cloonahee lake one day but when we returned to fish it again it was totally flooded and unfishable.


The walkway was under water

The field to the side also flooded

A Brannigan's perch for Stephen

Two nice Brannigan's roach

A nice Foigha Harbour roach for John

Another couple of roach from the same swim

A Brannigan's rudd for Stephen

Another couple of roach for John

Nice roach

A nice Longford bridge Perch

On the day when the gale was blowing, we had a rest from fishing and went to visit some friends in Dowra, Co. Leitrim. They own the village shop. I like the very informative opening hours!

The canal bank at Longford bridge is closed off for the most part for a few weeks as they are re making the path ready for the new park. However, it was nice to see the quality rudd and roach in other parts of the canal


Well, that's it for 2016. Hopefully we'll be back in 2017.