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Ireland 2014




For our last trip to Ireland for this year my son Stephen and I stayed at this self-catering cottage, Grange Lodge, near Strokestown, on the shores of Grange Lough. It is an ideal place to stay for anyone considering fishing the Strokestown lakes.




The accommodation, weather and the fishing couldn't have been better. We spent most of the time fishing a Strokestown lake, Lake Cloonahee. As you can see from the photo, this is a beautiful lake with easy parking and a walkway to 30 stands.

A mixed bag of roach, perch and hybrids

A nice perch

Roach and Rudd

A nice hybrid

A nice Rudd for Stephen

A nice Roach

A 14lb pike taken on 3 maggots on a 5lb hooklength to a 14's hook. How lucky is that? (Or was it skill?).


Well folks, that's it for this year. We hope to be back in the Spring of 2015



For my second trip of 2014 I travelled over with my son Stephen. Once again we stayed at the "White" house.

The weather was in complete contrast to my trip in May. Temperatures were very high and the sun was bright every day. Because of this we weren't expecting any tench. However, we did manage a few.



2 Longford Bridge Roach

A nice tench for Stephen

Royal Canal Tench

32 Roach

Nice roach

A good tench for John

A quality roach

Another tench for Stephen

A tench for John

A Royal canal roach

Another tench for the "Tenchman"

The last tench of the trip on the last day


The tench men

Nice roach

A Royal Canal perch

Nice roach for Stephen

Lovely rudd for Stephen

Well, that's it for the June trip. We'll try to squeeze in another trip before the season finishes.



For our first trip to Ireland of 2014 we based ourselves again at this stone cottage just outside Ballymahon for our first week.

For the rest of the trip we stayed at this  house again.


We arrived here on May 3rd . The weather for the first 12 days was as bad as last year, cold, gale force winds and everlasting thunderstorms!

I travelled over with my good friend Robert Docherty from Scotland who has never fished before. He was a little apprehensive at first as this was his first fishing trip but he soon got into the swing of things.

Who would have thought that a person who had never fished before would catch ten roach and a tench on his first day!

In spite of the weather we did catch a few fish. Below is a sample of some of the fish we caught.

Bob Docherty with his first tench

A nice Royal Canal Rudd

A Royal Canal tench for John

2 more nice tench

Nice fish

Another tench

Royal Canal Tench

A good roach

Nice Rudd for Bob

Nice roach for John

Bob managed to catch two tench on his first trip but only one was caught on camera.

Let's hope that the weather for my next visit will be a little warmer and drier!


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