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For our last trip this year, my son Stephen and I based ourselves at the same house we rented in May.

 I am pleased to say that the weather for the third week in September was fantastic with temperatures up to 23 deg. C and no wind!

We took a trip over to Roscommon one day and fished Stoneham's lake with reasonable success.

We weren't expecting any tench so late in the season but I did manage one on our last day when we fished the Royal Canal for three hours. Although there were some nice roach and rudd about, we were hampered a little by small pike charging into the pre-baited swim and scattering all the fish.


A few nice roach from the Royal Canal

Stoneham's lake

Stephen Relaxing at the Royal Canal

Last of the Summer Tench

One of the small Pike that were scattering the fish

Stephen's catch of over 30 roach

Well folks, that's it until next Spring when we hope to be back.




For our first trip to Ireland of 2013, we based ourselves 3 miles out of Ballymahon in the house below.

The weather for May was appalling! Storms, rain, hail and sleet, along with gale-force winds, which made fishing very difficult if not impossible. The waves on the lakes were like the north sea!

I have been coming over to Ireland for over 40 years and I've never seen the weather in May so bad for so long. Needless to say, we spent most of the time fishing the canal, which in some parts has been spoiled for fishing as Waterways Ireland make repairs.

Island Bridge Pike for Stephen

Two Island Bridge Roach

Two nice Island bridge Roach for yours truly

A nice Brannigan's tench for Stephen

A Brannigan's tench for Michael

Another Brannigan's tench

A small Brannigan's pike for Stephen

Hailstones in May

Let's hope the weather will be better for our next trip!